What Kind of Tasks Can a Virtual Assistant Help With?

Answer: What do you want help with?


Do you need to make sure that your diary is organised? Your meetings need to be confirmed for the following day, appointments booked, anniversary’s and holidays remembered?


Do you need someone to keep on top of your inbox and filter through the important emails and the not so urgent emails, perhaps someone to follow up on generic enquiries. Is it overwhelming each day when you open your inbox to be greeted with emails mounting up but you have to run to meetings meanwhile the emails are still coming in. Or perhaps you use social media to reach your clients and need someone to reply to messages and enquiries there.


Do you have an urgent project? Maybe you need some research done and there is not enough time.


Do you need to have a blog or newsletter written? But the weeks fly by and you still haven’t updated either of them, you feel like you’re losing contact with your customers.


Maybe numbers aren’t your thing, you have a pile of receipts in the car or at the bottom of your bag. You know you need to file your expenses but you keep putting it off because you just can’t face another spreadsheet.


Maybe there is something more fun to be done but you just need an extra pair of hands. An event or special occasion, a book launch or birthday party. You need someone to help organise the chaos.


A Virtual Assistant can help you with any task that you don’t want to do. Outsource to us! You won’t look back! Get in touch info@laurahilmi.com for a free no obligation consultation.