You're Not Really Still Chasing Invoices Are You????

You did the work or performed the service last month for your client. You sent your invoice and then nothing. The line goes cold, emails are unanswered. You have not received the payment. Perhaps it is a mistake, maybe the payment is on the way, maybe the invoice was misplaced. Either way to find out what the delay is YOU have to spend further time and effort chasing your client. Not only is this time consuming it can sometimes feel awkward – perhaps you run your own small business and deal directly with your clients, the relationship is somewhat closer because it is just you dealing with them. You dread calling them to chase payment but it is a necessary evil as you need to be paid.

Imagine if you could have someone else do all of that chasing and following up for you. You know that time is money? You could be using your time to focus on new business not revisiting old business. Your ‘’Finance Team’’ can send the invoices and ensure that payments are made on time and chase any outstanding invoices without you needing to be involved. Streamline your invoicing processes and outsource to us.

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