How to get the best from your Virtual Assistant.

If you have chosen to outsource to a Virtual Assistant they are there to lighten the load. If you have hired a VA you will have some idea of the tasks that you would like them to do for you. Whatever the tasks are here are some pointers to help you build the relationship.


Set Clear Goals


How often do you want updates? Are the tasks rolling– would you like an update each time a particular task is completed or for a longer task would you like to have updates when each stage is completed. Make sure you know how you would like to proceed and let your VA know – they are there to help you.


Communicate Expectations


Be clear with your deadline expectations. If you said you wanted the research project done by Friday but actually, Thursday is better, communicate this. Clear and open communication is important especially in a virtual situation when your VA is not on hand to read a situation for themselves.




Involve your VA in the process and encourange collaboration. Whatever the task or project is consult your VA along the way and if you have a whole team of people working virtually allow them to consult and collaborate – this is how ideas grow and thrive. Make your virtual team work for you.


If you would like a task done that is outside of your VA’s  remit – always ask the question!!! Your VA may well have experience in this area and you weren’t aware or they may be able to recommend someone who can do It for you.


Encourage and Reward


A little encouragement goes a long way and one thing is for sure – your VA will really appreciate words of thanks or praise.


Over time your relationship with your VA will grow and evolve and you will see them more and more as an asset to your team.


Would you like to work with a Virtual Assistant or perhaps you would like more information on how to become a Virtual Assistant? Send me an email for more info.